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Beim Installieren erhält man die folgenden Fehlermeldung:
dpkg: Fehler beim Parsen, in Datei »/var/lib/dpkg/available
Lösung: Paketmanager neun initialisieren:
~#dpkg –clear-avail
~#dpkg -reconfigure apt


At read commands from standard input or a specified file
which are to be executed at a later time, using /bin/sh.
To schedule a computer shutdown with atd:
~# echo “/sbin/shutdown -h now” | at 22:15 01.06.2010
Your computer will shutdown on first June at 22:15


To configure a new graphic card on Debian or related distributions ( Ubuntu/Kubuntu etc. ) type:
~#dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
and follow the interactive menu.